sábado, 2 de abril de 2011

Próxima Parada - Maputo

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  1. It`s my country. It´s my town


  2. Dear Cs,

    It my third time in Maputo. The city has developed a lot in 3 years and it is so good to see the people having access to a better life. I do love your country, and I have to say that the people are very, very good looking and kind in Mozambique. I am at the Polana Hotel, which is just amazing. They have a very young pianist, that has never studied piano, and event though is just marvelous. The voice of the singer (an young lady) is amazing, almost unbelievable. I just had a wonderful dinner and I ate something totally new for me (manioc with coconut milk). The shrimps were also fantastic. As you may see, I am having a really big time in Maputo. Next Sunday I will public the pictures. Please come to see it.


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